When temptation knocks on the door…

untitledWhen temptation summons us against the wall, what do we do? Why is that the forbidden fruit tastes sweeter? Why does the taste of sin, or death, tastes pleasant and addictive? What do we do when temptation knocks on our fragile beings? When we are so frail that we could easily fall? What happens when we get a taste of that fruit? Do we die? And what happens, if we spit the fruit out? Would we still die? Why does death leave off a fragrance of addiction? When we are so weak and vulnerable, why does sin swipe us off our feet? And if we stop eating the fruit because our spirit rages over our fleshly desires, what happens then? Why does the body easily succumb to a passionate desire yet the spirit  desires to imminently flee? And why is it that the flesh lingers on like the attraction of gravity pulls it to its core, like a magnet? And why does temptation come in infernal passions of the past? Why are we so vulnerable and susceptible to fall for Satan’s most wanted lustful trap? Why is it that lust is the temptation with the most successes of people falling into it? What is it about lust that the flesh ferociously craves? What is it about lust that dismantles the very sinews of the train of reason? And what is it about lust, that drives the body far away from an escape route? If lust was a burning down house, then the body was the firestarter. Why is the flesh so easily ignited into a sensation of climaxes that leave the body feeling satisfied and the spirit grieved? And why is it, when the train of reason starts to move again, that the body just shuts it off and let the coal burn ravenously within the heart of the crackling temptation?

And when temptation falls into sin, why is it that the only vision we see, is a seductive encore with no possibility of reverting the mistake? Why are we designed in such a way that fighting off lust is a constantly increasing struggle – because the longer the body waits to be satisfied, the greater the temptation becomes. Why are we so easily ready to burn because of our passionate desires? And when the spirit finally overcomes and freezes off the lustful intimate sexual hell, why does the body still crave for the satisfaction?

Why is this temptation so hard, O Lord? When all we want to do, is to please you! – but we do the exact same thing that hurts you the most; disobedience. Why do we let Satan whisper seductively into our eas and gear up our hormones for the perfect moment? Why is it that the wave of lust covers us completely almost to the point of suffocation? And if we didn’t hang on to the fine, fragile thread of morality, what would have happened? Would you still love us and hold us and tell us that everything would be ok? Would we be able to forgive ourselves? Would we still feel guilty of our unprevented self-wanted mistake? And if you come at the moment of our demonic temptation, would you have left us behind to burn with the rest of them? Would our relationship be boldly and significantly lost forever?  Would our intimacy disappear- never to return? Our heart aches at the thought that we could have lost everything we had in You, fortever. Our heart aches at the thought that as a consequence of our sin, we would never see your most beautiful face that deliberatley died for us beacuse of our uncontrolling nature to feed our sexual desires. Would we have lost you forever??


3 thoughts on “When temptation knocks on the door…

  1. I am sure the Lord heard this cry as it is so sincere and packed with heartfelt emotions. I can see my past life in all this and if not on guard it might well be my present too. The key is to pray earnestly that the desires we have to satisfy the flesh will be changed into desires to seek the Word of God. Flee into our security zone that is in the light of God’s word. Where there is light there cannot be darkness so we need to cling to that amazing light.

    Thanks you for sharing….God gave us spiritual weapons to avoid sin entanglement…let us use them so that we will seek holiness as we sanctify our body as a temple of praise to the living God !!



  2. Thanx for liking and following my blog–simplemeditations–I also have a new one titled Devotions for Dieters—you might enjoy some of the articles I’ve posted because it describes the battle between the flesh in the Spirit–in my case as I diet –but could apply to any temptation or lust that we are challenged with. God Bless

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