The Power Praise List

We all find ourselves in situations that do not reflect positivity, for instance negative attitudes, bad moods, grumbling so on and so forth. And we all know that when we are in one of ”those” days, it feels like we are distant from God aswell!! We could let the attitude just wear off over a couple of days, and then get back on track, but really and truly, would that be worth it, missing out on a few days of intimacy with the Lord?

I am guilty as charged. I do get caught up in a negative attitude at times, and after i’m through it, I usually feel horrible, because I would have let something fleshly disrupt my spirituality! And this is just wrong!!

And i realised, that in order for me to rid of my negativity immediately (whatever it is), all I need to do, is go through the Power Praise List, which is really the ABC of transforming negativity into positivity. I must admit that the first few are usually quite tough to go through, however then we start to unwind into praising the Most High, and by the end of it, we are rejuvinated, fresh and ready to go for spiritual warfare sphered in nothing but pure Joy and Peace!

Try it out! It worked for me, it is sure to work for you!!

(don’t forget – you must say it out loud, for better effect to your holistic transformation!)

NB: instructions: go through each word, formulating it in a sentence of your own desire! I will first post the list, then give an example of how to go about it! Be blessed!

Abundant, Almighty, Awesome

Beautiful, Bountiful, Breath-taking

Caring, Complete, Captivating

Delightful, Divine, Deity

Everlasting, Encouraging, Enduring

Forgiving, Forevermore, Faithful

Glorious, Graceful, Gentle

Honourable, Honest, Healer

Immortal, Irresistible, Indescribable

Joyous, Jealous, Just

Kind, Knowledgeable, Keen

Loyal, Lovely, Living

Magnificent, Majestic, Merciful

Necessary, Nourishing, Nurturing

Omnipotent, Omniscent, Omnipresent

Patient, Powerful, Prince of Peace

Quintessential, Quenching , Quotable

Redeemer, Remarkable, Righteous

Saviour, Saturating, Sanctifying

Tenerizing, Truthful, Thoughtful

Unshakeable, Unbreakable, Unmoveable

Victorious, Valuable, Vigilant

Willing, Wise, Wonderful

Xpressive, Xcellent, Xemplary

Yielding, Youthful, Yearning

Zealous, Zesty, Zoetic

You can obviously come up with words of your own!!

Example: Oh Lord of Abundance, my Lord God Almighty, you are just so Awesome! You’re Beautiful face is simply Breath-taking and your presence is so Bountiful, I yearn for more! You are intimately Caring, you are the Complete expression of love, you are simply Captivating! ….. etc…




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