untitledWhy do we waver away from the one true covenant that establishes an everlasting joy through his life and through eternity?
like the clouds are committed to the sky and the waves committed to the sea – amalgamated sweetly together on a canvas of perfection – that’s how the relationship between me and you has to be! We complete each other.
True commitment comes when even through the storm, the magnet of peace will flourish stronger – but if I cannot maintain a relationship with you ; how can i expect you to bless me with all that you have?
Yet you still do.
You are the gravity of love – that even through the eye of rejection – you still chose to lovingly and willingly die for all humanity.
Your commitment never fails. But we continually fail.
As fragile and meek as we are – we are vulnerable to the fangs of the enemy that pierces us with his fatal venom.
But at our weakness , at our failings – you rise up in our name and save us back into the arms of heavenly eternity .
Why are we so weak ?
But only through our weakness do we realize and come to understand that without you we are mere animals with no spirituality .
Fools roaming through time.
But your love is amalgamated to us – and we forever see how committed you are to see us through this life and meet in the next.
Face to Face.


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